About the Project

This project was part of my final year major project at the University of Huddersfield. The piece was a response to a D&AD Student brief submitted by ‘Alliance Against Crime’. The aim of the brief was to use animation to illustrate how good design can be used to effectively reduce crime within a product, service or environment.

Script, Design, Storyboarding, Animation & Sound by Reuben Houfe
Narrated by Sally Bowman

– Awards –

D&AD Award winning Motion Graphic

With only 75 awards given to over 3,000 applicants, winning a D&AD Award is regarded the benchmark of creativity.

Design out Crime was also subject to 5 other awards including an award from Thompson Brand Partners. At this particular awards ceremony Design out Crime was awarded The Real World Thompson Prize; “the entry that would most likely change the world if made a reality.”

It was also subject to 3 awards based outside of London; The Northern Design Competition and the SH! Awards by Brahm, in Yorkshire, North England, as-well as a Neu / Now Awards which is an International Arts & Design festival based in Nantes, France.

Final Result

The Motion Graphic Video