Just Natural Packaging Design

Logo, branding & packaging design for a coconut oil

The Brief

Just Natural was the name chosen for a new business that has started exporting coconut oil from Viet Nam to America. The client was after a logo, label and brand identity for their new product. Unsure that the product quality could live up to a luxury brand image, the request was to give a more fun and playful identity to both the label and the label design. Below are the initial logo proposals.

The Packaging

The client was drawn to two logos in particular due to the strong and bold typography. Taking this into mind, work on the second step started; the label design. Below are 4 proposals for the design. The designs reflect a mix of fun and playful, natural and organic and a slightly more simple ‘safe’ design.

The Packaging Continued

The client was impressed with all the proposals. After some deliberation the client decided to progress with option 4 due to its strong colours, bold typography and image of the coconut – something to catch the customers eye and help the product stand out among its competition. At the next stage we looked at various colour options.

The Final Result

The final choice was the option below due to its bright and uplifting summer colours. The label was then redesigned in two more sizes creating the family of three different bottle sizes.